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Litterati For Cities

Engage your entire community & identify the litter in your city precisely by object, material, and brand.


  • Measure and monitor the objects, materials, and brands littering your streets
  • Engage your citizens in keeping your communities clean
  • Fulfill custom MS4 permit reporting requirements & reach your smart city goals

Litterati for Corporations

Run Employee Engagement Campaigns That Make An Environmental Impact & Promote CSR Initiatives


  • Activate employees all over the world together through the Litterati App
  • Create, measure, & share your company’s impact with the Litterati Platform

  • Easy & fast onboarding. Simple to setup and admin your company’s campaigns for in person and remote work teams

Litterati for NGOs

Mobilize and manage cleanup events that create a lasting, measurable impact.


  • Connect your community & run coordinated efforts through your organization

  • Automatically collect, map, & visualize data so you can demonstrate your impact.

  • Engage your people & attract new people to your organization

Litterati for Schools

Bring Environmentally Friendly, STEM Based Lesson Plans + Activities to Your Classrooms


  • Access free tech enabled lessons that help students learn more about their local environment
  • Automatically collect, map, & visualize data so you can demonstrate your school’s impact
  • Active, engaging, impactful activities for your students that can also incorporate data work and development work


Photograph a piece of litter.

Find a discarded coffee cup, crushed soda can, candy wrapper, or any other piece of litter & take a picture.Learn More


Discard Properly & Tag the Photo.

The app automatically geo-tags the image & our LitterAI tool recommends tags for what kind of litter it is. Confirm the tags to help the LitterAI keep learning.Learn More


Invite or Challenge Others.

Want to collaborate (or compete) with others to help keep your street, neighborhood, school grounds, or city clean? Litterati can help you team up!Learn More


Use LitterData to Inspire Change.

Litterati members all over the world have been able to use LitterData to get companies, organizations, and governments to create positive environmental policy changes.
You can too!Learn More

Litterati Community Stories of Impact

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San Francisco Uses Litterati Data to Successfully Defend Multi-Million Annual Tobacco Tax In Court

Data used to defend a cigarette tax.Cities devote significant resources to clean up cigarette waste. Discarded butts, packs, and their plastic wrappers get stuck in sidewalk cracks, wash down storm drains, and contaminate waterways. San Francisco city officials...

Dockers® Employee Engagement Program Activates Team Members At 15 Office Locations

Measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility.Few brands embrace the idea of “Always On” like Dockers®, the iconicLevi Strauss and Co brand that pioneered the office casual look for men around the world. In 2019, they recognized Litterati Founder & CEO...

Anta-flu Commits To Change Wrappers & Packaging from Plastic to Paper

A dedicated effort led by Dirk Groot (Zwerfinator) & Merjin Tinga (Plastic Soup Surfer) created 30,000 pieces of data in our Global Litter Database. This data helped cement a permanent change by Dutch brand Anta-flu away from plastic wrappers. In mid 2019, the...

The Netherlands, Informed by Litterati Data, Update Their Deposit-Return Scheme to Better Handle Plastic Waste

Last week, In Netherlands, a deposit-return of 15 cents was announced on all plastic bottles smaller than 1L. This will come into effect from July 2021 as efforts till date to combat small plastic bottle litter have not been successful. The Dutch government also...

How One Person’s Data Influenced Better Trashcan Placement Policy in His Hometown

After several months of semi-regular litter picking walks, Marco Meerman collected over 8,000 pieces of litter on the streets of his hometown. The resulting map of Marco's data caught the attention of local officials in Carnisselande because the data precisely located...

Dutch NGO GoClean Inspires An Entire Community

The Dutch are a model everyone can admire.If you’ve never head of the Environmental NGO GoClean, you have now. Led by the powerful force of Marloes Heebing, Joyce Bosveld, and Peggy Blaauw, GoClean is a Dutch non-profit organization committed to creating a cleaner...

Lipton Inspires 50k+ Litter Cleanup with Litterati.

The PepsiCo & Unilever joint venture decides to walk the walk. Lipton loves ice tea. But we all know that every bottle sold adds to the world’s plastic problem. Lipton is taking both responsibility and action. Over several months, they co-created a plan for a...

Student Litter Analysis Leads to Permanent School Policy Change

5th grade students picked up litter across the school grounds and found the most common item was plastic straw wrappers. It inspired the school to stop buying plastic straws to reduce reliance on single use plastic & prevent litter before it could even...

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