How One Woman Inspires Communities Nationwide

by | May 22, 2020



We at Litterati often notice a spike in the day-to-day litter collected and on digging deeper we find that a new locality has been added to the Litterati Map. The commonality however, is usually this individual – Susan Nagi popularly known as “Trash Travels Across America”.


How do you mobilize a community cleanup activity when you’re in a new place?



Susan has made use of the “Local Challenges” feature to its full potential and has mobilized groups in Hayward NC, Homestead Fl, Everglades Florida, Carrabelle Florida, Fountain Inn SC, Newberry Michigan, Cataloochee NC, and Christmas Florida working to change personal litter behavior, one community at a time.
She aims to highlight peoples’ efforts across the country and is excited to help grow local challenges as well as the community. 


Her most concrete example of impact is in Castaic California,

I litter picked and photo documented in a local town park. Later I joined in a litter clean with a local group called One Piece At A Time. I shared with them my findings and observations of litter in their town. They later took this information to their town council and worked for change in improved litter management by adding lids to trash containers throughout the park. In addition they are continuing in discussions to add increased containers in town with roads having high litter rates

You can follow Susan’s journey – Trash Travels Across America on social media here.

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