How the Dutch Community Campaigned to Ban the Sale of “Literal Throw-Away Plastic” Firecrackers

by | January 14, 2020


Plastics are used to make up products like fireworks and after the explosion, the plastic is left in shards seeping into the environment. Dirk Groot (Zwerfinator) and Merjin Tinga are back to inspire the Dutch community to help bring about a policy change against Knetterbal Firecrackers.


How do you collect enough data as proof to drive a policy change?


Currently, the community has managed to pick up and tag over 62,000+ littered Knetterbals. Their impact led to the major retailer, HEMA and the largest Dutch supermarket chain, Albert Heijn to ban the sale of these firecrackers. This created a ripple effect inspiring 7 other retailers to remove Knetterbals from their shelves. 


While taking the Knetterbals off of the shelves from major retailers was a win, Dirk and Merijn didn’t stop there, they decided to get producers & importers sign ‘Blastic Deal’ (Knalplastic Convenant) – A deal that stops the sales of Knetterbals now but also phases out all plastic in fireworks in the Netherlands in the next two years.

Further efforts are in place to get this example to influence European policy around the sale & manufacturing of Firecrackers.

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