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City, Residents, and Local Business Brought Together To Pick Up Over 1,000 Pieces of Litter Through Lodi, CA’s Engage Campaign

CONTEXT The Water Stewards Program (WSP), as part of the California Conservation Corps, is dedicated to improving watershed health. It actively engages in restoration science, civic service, and community education to empower the next generation of environmental...

Wake County’s Engage Campaign Bonds Residents Closer Together In Shared Mission To Clean

CONTEXT In August 2021, Wake County launched a Litterati Engage challenge for its 86It campaign. The 86It intends to change littering behavior and instill a sense of community pride and responsibility amongst residents. A major part of Wake County’s success strategy...

Austin, TX TrashBlitz Campaign Data Reveals That Nearly 70% of All Litter Found in City is Plastic

CONTEXT In the summer of 2021, three organizations + one litter data platform launched TrashBlitz Austin. 5 Gyres, Inland Ocean Coalition, Into the Sea, and Litterati worked together with 168 participants to document and collect litter at 80 locations throughout...

How an Employee Engagement Campaign Inspired an Individual to Mobilize 40+ organizations

CONTEXT In September 2020, the Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) launched a campaign for its member companies. Of the 1000s of individuals participating in the campaign, Robert Garcia Pano is one such individual. He was inspired by the power of individual actions...

How Dutch NGO, GoClean is Creating Awareness around Cigarette Butt Litter

 CONTEXT In the Netherlands, litter pickers often do not pick up cigarette butts, because there are too many to pick up, so it is too much work.  Current laws are not sufficient to contribute to a reduction of cigarette filters in nature and on the streets. The...

How San Francisco Uses Litterati Data to Successfully Defend Multi-Million Annual Tobacco Tax in Court

CONTEXT Discarded cigarette butts require significant city resources to clean up from sidewalks, parks, and waterways. San Francisco city officials decided to act—and believed that Big Tobacco should be held to greater Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). CHALLENGE...

Dockers® Employee Engagement Program Activates Team Members In 15 Office Locations

Measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility.CONTEXT Dockers® prides itself on their sustainable clothing initiatives and bringing their ethical values to life in ever increasing ways. In 2019, they created a campaign to highlight initiatives &...

Anta-flu Changes Wrappers & Packaging From Plastic to Paper

CONTEXT Individuals around the Netherlands noticed an increasing number of Anta-Flu’s plastic cough drop wrappers littered in their communities. A couple of dedicated individuals sought to harness the power of data to drive change to reduce plastic waste in the...

How Litterati Data Helped the Netherlands to Expand Their Deposit-Return Scheme & Better Handle Their Plastic Waste

CONTEXT The Netherlands had a plastic bottle deposit return scheme running but lacked insight into how effective it was. As of early 2020, efforts to combat small plastic bottle (less than 1L) litter had not been successful. CHALLENGE How can you gain insight into the...

How One Individual’s Litterati Data Influenced Better Trash Can Placement Policy For An Entire Community

CONTEXTMarco Meerman shares a story of how his semi-regular litter picking activity led to the collection of over 8,000 pieces of litter. And how the map generated caught the eye of policymakers in Carnisselande, Netherlands.   CHALLENGEHow can you know that your...

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