How One Individual’s Litterati Data Influenced Better Trash Can Placement Policy For An Entire Community

by | April 22, 2021

Marco Meerman shares a story of how his semi-regular litter picking activity led to the collection of over 8,000 pieces of litter. And how the map generated caught the eye of policymakers in Carnisselande, Netherlands.


How can you know that your individual efforts can actually drive some change?



The resulting map of Marco’s data caught the attention of local officials in Carnisselande because the data precisely located litter hotspots & showed the local policy-maker how to more strategically place trashcans in the city.

“The official told me that he has never seen a map with such details on where the litter hotspots are.”, says Marco.



Some key quotes from Marco’s post:
“Today a government official called me; he saw my email with screenshots from my Litterati- Impact statistics.”

“Next week he will finalize the map of trash cans for 2020…based on my data in Litterati.”
“Most satisfactory conversation in 2020 up until now. Feels good to live in an area where civilians can directly influence local policy.”

You can learn more about Marco and his efforts in his blog.



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