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See the NGO Playbook for a complete overview of your capabilities with Litterati.

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Equip your students to be able to clean litter & capture the data in a fast, easy, and sanitary way by DIY Assembling your own DataGrabber tool.


Browse answers to the most frequently asked questions by NGO Partners:

How do I create my organization's profile?

If you have an Inspire account: please sign into the app, go to “Profile” for your Inspire admin account, and “Edit” your organisation’s name, logo and description. If you have an Impact account: click here to complete a typeform to share the information needed for us to create your profile for you.

How do I invite others to also be admins on the account?

If you haven’t filled out the typeform yet, there is a section on that for sharing your co-admins with us. If you have but want to bring on new admins, email [email protected] with the name of your organization & a list of the emails you want added as account admins.

How do I best invite, onboard, and engage my community to use Litterati?

We recommend you read the NGO playbook linked in the top ‘Resources’ section of this page. That has a “Swipe file” of resources, communications, and campaign ideas

How do I assign the citizen-science licenses & school licenses for the acccount?

If you haven’t already filled out your organization’s onboarding typeform, there is a question to share this information with us. If you’ve already completed the form and now want to add more, email [email protected] with a list of the emails you want added as admins of your citizen science licenses & your school licenses.

How can I edit or delete a challenge I created?

Unfortunately, there is no way currently available to edit or delete a challenge once it has created. It will end with the date range you set expires. Upon expiration, you can create a new challenge. You can create a new free account and create a new challenge from the new account. It is on our product roadmap to soon allow you to edit or delete your challenge.

Do you have an open data policy?

We have currently opened up our database as we wanted to ensure our policy serves everyone as many members of the community, including schools that use the platform, wish to keep their data private. If you are a research institution or citizen scientist who’s looking for a subset of data, you can simply visit our OPEN DATA PORTAL. It has now become easy for anyone interested in helping the greater good through data to do so through our open data initiative.

How can I best equip employees, volunteers, etc to be successful using Litterati?

My question wasn't answered. How can I reach you?

You can reach out to us at [email protected] or send us a dm on facebook, instagram, or twitter. We typically respond within 1 – 2 business days.