Municipal Assessment Platform

Step-by-Step to Success with MAP 


Define Your Litter Pain Points

Litterati will help you define the pain points that are contributing to litter in your city and uncover insights that will help you to be proactive in solving these problems that are expensive and labor intensive to fix reactively.


Determine the Data Sampling Strategy

Our data science team will work with you to determine the optimal strategy for which areas of your city to MAP based on your existing data sets.


Data Collection

We will procure, train, and certify LitterData Researchers to use Litterati to perform consistent data collection across all of the chosen locations to MAP in your city.

If desired, you can employ city workers or a workforce development program to fill these Researcher positions.


Data Analysis

Litterati will combine additional datasets with the LitterData collected from the MAP to uncover insights & patterns.

These insights will inform interventions & provide next step recommendations for a smarter, pro-active litter strategy in your city.


MAP Report

Litterati will provide a comprehensive report of all findings. We will analyze the results & provide recommendations for a future evaluation plan.


Strategize and Continue to Evaluate

You can continue to MAP the same locations over (or begin to MAP new locations) in an ongoing effort to continue to evaluate your city's litter abatement strategy & evaluate budget performance over time.