Engage Your City’s Residents & Organize Partner NGOs, Schools, Businesses, and Citizens

  • Litterati’s Engage Platform is a Single Hub For Local Residents, Orgs, Schools, and More Together to Work Towards a Building a Cleaner City

  • Give Everyone In Your City a Simple Tool To Help Keep The Community Clean While Also Making Your City More “Data Rich”

  • Create Measurable and Scalable Civic Engagement Activities & Behaviors In Your Community

Litterati City Partners

Engage Your Residents & Empower Them With a Tool to Help Keep The City Clean

Inspire greater civic engagement amongst your residents. Connect with your local organizations & residents through push notifications sent through the Litterati mobile app.  

Cohesively bring your residents together to work towards the common goal of keeping the city clean.

It is fast & easy to build action based campaigns. More importantly, you can then directly measure the engagement, performance, and effectiveness of campaigns over time.

Collaborate with Local Schools, Organizations, and Businesses

Bring your community’s various stakeholders together on a simple platform.

Create a greater feeling of community & inspire greater communal ownership for the local environment.

Normalize anti-litter behavior + create a culture where residents act as better stewards for the community.

And your Engage data can be used to influence policy, like plastic bag bans. It has also inspired businesses to adopt their process to start to use sustainable packaging solutions.

Pro-Community Litter Strategy

The more data that gets generated, the more everyone can know about how to create lasting litter solutions for your city.

Open Data gives the opportunity for any smart or dedicated person who doesn’t work for the city to help create real change from the litter data data. 

We’ve seen individuals, schools, NGOs, businesses, and governments lead systemic change with Litterati data.

The Engage Platform Can Help Your City Fulfill MS4 Requirements


– Reports
– Education
– Reports

Lockdown on Litter

Use a true community solution to help with litter abatement & capture insightful data on your city’s litter. 

Scalable Data Platform

The more data collected, the more powerful & valuable the total dataset becomes.

Strengthened Community Relationships

Help your people and your local organizations make a bigger impact by equipping them with Litterati’s tools. 

All The Support You Need

For all size goals, available staff, or budget; Litterati has quality success & support resources to help you.

Achieve Smart City, MS4, and Litter Management Goals with Engage


Platform Access
(No Custom Support)


Access to the Engage Platform & Litterati Dashboard to Activate & Engage Your Community

Includes 20 Sub-Accounts to Empower Other Organizations to Engage & Create Impact  

Includes 2 Researcher Licenses

3 Pricing Options:
            $2,500 for 1 Month
            $4,000 for 3 Months
           $10,000 for 12 Months

Ways to Use The Engage Platform

Connect All Your People Together

  • Schools
  • NGOs & Businesses
  • Dedicated Residents
  • Build an Engaged Community!

Engage & Communicate

  • Send emails to resident users who opt in to communication
  • Send push notification messages to residents through the app

Gather Informal Data

  • Collect more Litter Data in your city. Anyone can use it for public benefit
  • Demonstrate progress, impact, & dedication by the city & residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a setup cost?

There is no setup cost. The quoted prices for the various lengths of access to the Engage Platform is exactly what you pay. There are no other or additional fees beyond that for platform access. There are optional additional data + success related services we offer for additional fees.  

How Much Support Do You Provide?

We have dedicated support staff for technical & general support. We respond to all requests within 1 – 3 business days & have live chat available during portions of the day. We also offer custom data, impact, and engagement success services for additional fees.

Do you offer a free trial? 

Currently we do not offer free trials of Engage. You can utilize the limited free functions of the Litterati app on iOS and Android. You can also access our Open Data to see litter data that’s already been collected in your city.

Do you offer different length agreements? 

We currently offer 1 month, 3 month, and 12 month long agreements that you can choose to renew consistently or intermittently throughout the year, depending on your goals

The City Engage Platform:

(1) Engage Your Residents & Empower Them With A Tool To Help Keep The City Clean


(2) One Central Platform For Your Schools, Local Orgs, & Eco-Active Residents to Work Together Towards A Common Goal 

(3) Inspire greater civic engagement amongst your residents.

(4) Crowdsource Collect Litter Data Through Engaging Residents & Organizations

Ready to Bring Engage to Your City?

Learn how small groups have worked with their city to create lasting positive impacts on the local environment through litter data

Free PDF Download shows 3 of these Stories of Impact. See what’s possible for your city:

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