Measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility.

Few brands embrace the idea of “Always On” like Dockers®, the iconicLevi Strauss and Co brand that pioneered the office casual look for men around the world. In 2019, they recognized Litterati Founder & CEO Jeff Kirschner as a Dockers Challenger, a campaign highlighting those making substantive changes in their communities. But they didn’t stop there. They got the entire company involved.

“Innovation has always been a huge part of the Dockers® brand,”

said Lauren Johnson, Senior Director of Dockers® Global Marketing.

Dockers recognizes how important it is to support those who challenge the status quo. That’s why the brand launched an employee engagement program with Litterati – a competition motivating employees to create an impact in their local community. In just one month, employees from 15 office locations picked up over 23,000 pieces.