Resident Engagement Platform

Step-by-Step to Success with REP


Sign Your City Up

Litterati will create your City profile, Featured Challenge, & onboard your City Admins within 48 hours of your desired start date.


Share Subaccounts with Local Schools + Organizations

Your REP account comes with subaccounts that can be shared with local schools or organizations.

Equip them with licenses to create Challenges for their students, staff, volunteers, members, friends, family, and more.

All Challenges created by subaccounts connect to your Featured Challenge so that all data on activity in your city gets accounted for and displayed for you on the Litterati Dashboard.


Activate Residents & Share Challenge Code(s) With Them

Litterati makes it easy for your residents to join & get started as active participants for your city's Challenge.

Use codes to easily onboard residents to your Challenge & track participation from your various neighborhoods, organizations, schools, groups, and other ways to reliably segment & track your results.


Message, Celebrate, & Recognize Residents For The Impact They Made!

Provide recognition for the individuals, departments, or organizations that answered the call & participated in your city's Challenge.

Your city can send participating residents emails and push notifications through your Litterati REP account.


Visualize Your City's Data & Impact Through the Litterati Dashboard

When you login to the Litterati Dashboard, you will see Challenge leaderboards, maps & charts of the total impact, and more. You can also download CSV reports of your city's data from the Dashboard.

This data can help you target ways to improve messaging, policies or programs and help influence legislative or operational responses.


Varying Levels of Data Access for Subaccount Admins, Participants, & Open to Public

Your subaccounts will have access to a Dashboard as well for the data from their challenge(s). Individual residents will have access to a Dashboard where they can only see the data they personally picked up through their account.

Anyone with an internet connection can see all the anonymized LitterData in any city on Earth. See the link at end of this section to see current data for your city (or beyond) on our Open Data Portal.

With a level of open data, any interested person can use the data as a tool to effect change in their community. See our Impact Stories to see how many different types of people and organizations can find ways to create valuable, effective, pro-active litter solutions in your city.Learn More