Dockers® Employee Engagement Program Activates Team Members In 15 Office Locations

by | June 21, 2021

Measuring the impact of corporate social responsibility.


Dockers® prides itself on their sustainable clothing initiatives and bringing their ethical values to life in ever increasing ways. In 2019, they created a campaign to highlight initiatives & individuals who were creating change in their local communities.


How do you as a company find new and innovative ways to “walk your talk”? 


The brand launched an employee engagement program with Litterati – a competition motivating employees to create an impact in their local community. In just a couple weeks, employees from 15 office locations banded together to pick up over 23,000 pieces of litter.


“Innovation has always been a huge part of the Dockers® brand,” said Lauren Johnson, Senior Director of Dockers® Global Marketing.

Dockers ran a campaign that reflected their values back to their employees and the world as a whole & inspired their team to take action to live and act in more sustainable ways.

The entire company got together, to create an impact.

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