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NGO River Network Successfully Reaches Litter Pickup Goal, Activates Multiple Cities In COVID Safe Cleanup Campaign

NGO River Network Successfully Reaches Litter Pickup Goal, Activates Multiple Cities In COVID Safe Cleanup Campaign

With the global pandemic, individuals and organizations needed to get extra creative to successfully mobilize their communities all while maintaining safety & social distancing norms.

We want to highlight our partner River Network for achieving this goal despite the increased challenges.

River Network partnered with the Ball Corporation to run the ‘Masks On, Litter Gone’ cleanup campaign in 3 locations: Findlay, OH, Ft. Atkinson, WI, and Phoenix, AZ.

The campaign encouraged residents to take part in a socially distance safe recreational activity that would help keep local waterways clean.

Their initial goal was 10,000 pieces to kick off their first campaign, and they were able to celebrate after their two week campaign because they were successful!

They’ve now set the foundation for even more ambitious and lasting community engagement efforts in the future to help reach the organization’s goals.

The River Network leveraged the Litterati platform to connect their organization to schools and organizations like Arizona State University, University City Exchange, Rio Reimagined, The Blanchard River Watershed, The Rock River Coalition, and The Rock River Trails Initiative to all work together towards a common goal.

As we turn to look for new ways to engage and grow our community, we take a lot of inspiration from the way that River Network conducted their virtual cleanup campaign in a socially distance friendly manner.

And it inspires us to continue developing the product and total Litterati Platform to help NGOs like The River Network engage and mobilize people to act.

We look forward to continue to learn from their example to empower them to reach ever more ambitious goals with future campaigns 🌎

Screenshot 2020-10-01 at 1.22.32 PM.png

Screenshot of the Litterati Web Dashboard for The River Network’s “Featured Challenge” called Masks On, Litter Gone!

Learn more about how NGOs, Corporations, Businesses, Schools, and Individuals can better utilize the Litterati platform mobile app combined with the web dashboard.

Photo Examples of Social media posts used during the campaign by NGO + Ball Corp

Photo Examples of Social media posts used during the campaign by NGO + Ball Corp

How One Woman Inspires Communities Nationwide

How One Woman Inspires Communities Nationwide



We at Litterati often notice a spike in the day-to-day litter collected and on digging deeper we find that a new locality has been added to the Litterati Map. The commonality however, is usually this individual – Susan Nagi popularly known as “Trash Travels Across America”.


How do you mobilize a community cleanup activity when you’re in a new place?



Susan has made use of the “Local Challenges” feature to its full potential and has mobilized groups in Hayward NC, Homestead Fl, Everglades Florida, Carrabelle Florida, Fountain Inn SC, Newberry Michigan, Cataloochee NC, and Christmas Florida working to change personal litter behavior, one community at a time.
She aims to highlight peoples’ efforts across the country and is excited to help grow local challenges as well as the community. 


Her most concrete example of impact is in Castaic California,

I litter picked and photo documented in a local town park. Later I joined in a litter clean with a local group called One Piece At A Time. I shared with them my findings and observations of litter in their town. They later took this information to their town council and worked for change in improved litter management by adding lids to trash containers throughout the park. In addition they are continuing in discussions to add increased containers in town with roads having high litter rates

You can follow Susan’s journey – Trash Travels Across America on social media here.

Celebrating Earth Month 2020

Celebrating Earth Month 2020

We wrapped up Earth Month in the first week of May.
Our global community together picked up 157,172 pieces together all through April 2020.


Keeping in mind that many countries imposed severe lockdowns and policies to enforce people to practice staying at home, as things started to relax, we informed our community about how to safely pickup in these uncertain times.

To speed up the process of litter-picking, with the help of our community, we put together an easy to assemble litter data grabber. Here’s instructions for it.

Our community is constantly coming up with creative ways to improve the litter-picking experience. Stay tuned and watch this space for more such updates.

Operation Knetterbal: How the Dutch Litterati Community Used Crowdsourced Data to Ban the Sale & Production of Single Use Plastic Fireworks

Operation Knetterbal: How the Dutch Litterati Community Used Crowdsourced Data to Ban the Sale & Production of Single Use Plastic Fireworks


Plastics are used frequently in single use products and become environmentally hazardous litter & waste after their use.

A popular type of firework in the Netherlands, called Knetterbal Firecrackers, are one such product.

After they explode, plastic shards from the casing are left strewn across the nearby area.

Dirk Groot (Zwerfinator) and Merjin Tinga are inspired the Dutch Litterati community to gather data that would inspire a significant policy change to reduce plastic litter in the environment from Knetterbals.


How do you collect enough data to convince corporations to choose the environment over profits?


The Litterati community worked together through the app to pick up and tag over 62,000+ pieces of plastic littered from Knetterbal explosions.

The overwhelming data led to a domino effect of some of the largest Dutch retailers to sign a covenant in agreement to ban teh sale of the firecrackers.

The retailers who joined in the agreement include large department stores, supermarket chains, toy stores, and more & included names like HEMA and Albert Hein. 


Taking the Knetterbals off of the shelves from major retailers was a win, as it prevents plastic litter before it even has a chance to be created.

But Dirk and Merijn didn’t stop there.

They went a step further to get producers & importers sign a different Knalplastic Covenant called the ‘Blastic Deal’.

This agreement not only stops the sale of Knetterbals now but also phases out all plastic in all fireworks in the Netherlands over the next two years.

Further efforts are now in place to spread this example to influence policy around the sale & manufacturing of Firecrackers across Europe.

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