A dedicated effort led by Dirk Groot (Zwerfinator) & Merjin Tinga (Plastic Soup Surfer) created 30,000 pieces of data in our Global Litter Database.

This data helped cement a permanent change by Dutch brand Anta-flu away from plastic wrappers.


In mid 2019, the Litterati community in the Netherlands began a campaign to create awareness about a certain type of commonly found litter in their country, with that being plastic Anta-flu wrappers.

Initiated by Dirk Groot (Zwerfinator) and Merjin Tinga (Plastic Soup Surfer), they encouraged an entire community to help collect & tag these pieces of plastic litter.

In late 2019, Dirk and Merjin met with the CEO of Pervasco (creator of Anta-flu) at their headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Equipped with over 30,000 data points on a map that spread across the Netherlands and other European countries, Dirk and Merjin were able to effectively share how Anta-flu’s packaging decisions impacted the environment.

Due to that data and the passion of the community, Pervasco’s CEO committed to changing the packaging. He was quoted saying:

“Antaflu has been around for longer than plastic, so we knew that an alternative should be possible,”

You can watch the video of their journey here

On 18th June 2020, we saw the new paper packaging hit the stores.

On 18th June 2020, we saw the new paper packaging hit the stores.